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From LTL loads to heavy hauling, we can provide you with the truck or van you need to transport your freight, from a local delivery to a long haul.
The Official Site of A TRUCK CONNECTION

The Official Site of A TRUCK CONNECTION

Welcome to our site!  By exploring our site and speaking with our staff you will be able to develop a better understanding of what we have to offer to assist in your need of shipping goods and materials throughout the U.S.A.
Many years of experience in the transportation industry allows our experts to assist you in choosing the best shipping methods with the right equipment.  We will match your load with one of our qualified carriers throughout the U.S. to ensure superior care and timing of delivery.
Being a licensed Freight Broker means A Truck Connection has the opportunity to choose the best qualified carriers throughout the United States.  We only select the companies with the highest safety rating and ensure their companies meet all federal laws applicable to the trucking industry.  You can be confident in knowing your property will be insured and handled in the superior manner our customers have come to expect from our professional and friendly staff.

We can provide the heavy haul specialty equipment large enough to carry giant 70' rail cars whose dimensions and weights are well over what most states will allow. Our carriers will provide the permits and escorts needed to transport  huge loads.

Hot shot trucks and trailers are an option when your load is smaller and you need a shorter turning vehicle to get into a loading area.    These types of loads are all usually under 18000 lbs and don't take up more than 40' in length.

For bigger heavier drive on vehicles, we can provide a trailer suited for the height and weight.   These drop trailers allow for easy loading and offloading of your freight.

No matter the size of your freight, from hay hauling, to Christmas trees, lumber, machinery, equipment, we can provide the right truck to transport it for you.

If you have your own trailer and need a truck to pull it for you we can provide a power unit.     Hauling vans, flatbeds, oilfield equipment trailers, etc.

We can provide dry vans or refrigerated vans up to 53' in length to carry anything that needs special protection during shipment. Offload assistance is available from drivers of most of our carriers.

Stepdecks and flatbeds are available from our qualified carrier base to transport freight of all kinds.

Please contact us and get real time answers to your questions or if you need a quote.

Louanne Foster



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